Mike Garmin

I started my journey to fitness a little later in high school. Growing up I was active, but I never really cared about what I ate or really focused on a true work out plan. I had always viewed diet and exercise as more of a chore, and because of that I was always on the heavier side as a kid. In high school and college, I focused more on my fitness and eating properly, which let me drop over 90 pounds and 16 inches off my waistline in a couple years. However, I let my focus on fitness slip after college until I found CrossFit a couple years ago. It brought something to health and fitness I had been missing the entire time, community. The people and the challenges are what helped change my mindset of fitness as a chore to fitness as a way to see what you are capable of. My hope is to help bring that sense of community to everyone who walks through our doors and help them find what they are capable of.