Is the best option if:

You’re looking for a fast track 6 session private training curriculum to enter our CrossFit classes

• you’re rehabilitating from a recent injury or surgery

• you’re significantly overweight

• you have no exercise experience or have been very sedentary

• you have serious health issues or physical issues/injuries

• you want to learn specific skills or you have specific goals

• you’re a specialized athlete looking for specialized training

• you prefer or require privacy, personal attention and accountability

Personal Training are 45 min in duration.

Don`t hesitate to contact us to set up an appointment.

Our Personal Training rates can you find here!


We offer online coaching through TrainHeroic, where the workout will be based on your goals and from our personal training session. On our second meeting we will go over the program that we have made for you! After that you will be working on your own for the next 6-8 weeks. Through TrainHeroic we can have daily and weekly follow-ups.

Two Sessions

Where we analyse how you move, and we will make a plan together so we can be there to help you to reach your goals!

Workout Program

Workout Program with details for 4 weeks. That will work with your lifestyle and goals.

Workout Videos

Workout videos that will describe all the movements we have in your program!


Check-in once a week through TrainHeroic or email.



Minimum 2 mindset session, where we focus on you and what we need to work on on the way to a better you!

Price for the whole package $ 449