Jonathan King

I have been attending CrossFit Fort Dobbs since the Spring of 2020. The pandemic brought me back to my hometown of Statesville where I needed a CrossFit community.
Since leaving in 2011 to attend East Carolina University for teaching (English), I had developed a love for plyometrics, which led me to High Intensity Training meshed with weightlifting. In fact, as I am writing this, the guy that annoyed me about joining the CrossFit gym in Wilson NC is sitting across from me. The price and preconception of a chauvinistic culture initially made me wary of taking the plunge. I could not have been more pleasantly surprised with the community I became part of when joined. So since March of 2019 I have been perpetually humbled by different movements, weights, and efforts of the person beside me in the CrossFit box. That is, mainly because the space for personal improvement is greater than the space for pride and posturing in these environments.
I have had the pleasure of competing in some very competitive settings from the CrossFit Open to regional competitions; however, what fuels my effort and consistency most is the shared suffering of my friends on a weekly basis. So come learn what I did. Investment fosters results because everyone understands you get what you pay for. Moreover, choosing to do something hard and sharing in suffering builds a community that is tough and honest.