William Bennett

Born and raised in Statesville Will and his family are excited to be back in town after living across the state for the last 11 years. His wife Mary and daughter Chandler are his two favorites, along with their dog Webb. They moved back to Statesville in 2021 and opened a mental health counseling practice. From sports to an active life style in college (Go App!) Will landed in a CrossFit box in 2017. He quickly became the annoying guy who got Jonathan to join CrossFit. The way CFFD combines fitness with community is something he is excited to be a part of and help grow. The best part about CrossFit is having others alongside you for the journey. You can be anywhere along the fitness continuum and find value and growth at CFFD. What Will loves most about CFFD is that it is not a place where you have to be the fastest or strongest to succeed, but a place where together we strive for our goals. Will is passionate about coaching and loves seeing people set and reach their goals. A driving mentality for Will is not only focusing on what happens in the hour you are at the gym, but also reorienting the 23 hours outside the gym to become your best self!